Your Visit

Welcome To Our Office
I am pleased to have you as a patient. We are proud of our office and hope that you have a pleasant experience here. We welcome any comments that you may have.

Please call us with questions, comments, or to schedule an appointment: (210) 964-5500.

The office is open between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday. Office visits are by appointment only. If a delay in the appointment schedule is anticipated due to an emergency or extenuating circumstances, the office personnel will make every attempt to notify you. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. This courtesy makes it possible for another patient to use your appointment time.

While You Are Here
During your first visit we will request some medical and background information to help me to better care for you. This will become part of your permanent medical record. Some of the medical information is required governmental regulation. Your first visit will require one to two hours for the initial assessment, and your pupils will most likely be dilated. Although this may be a minor inconvenience, it allows me to completely examine your eyes and evaluate your ocular health. Most of the initial testing will be performed by one of the certified ophthalmic personnel. Further diagnostic testing or contact lens measurements may follow. I will then complete your medical ophthalmic examination. Additional diagnostic testing may be needed depending on your medical condition. These will be explained to you prior to their being performed. Please feel free to ask any of us questions throughout the process. Follow up appointments may be necessary to complete your initial evaluation and will be scheduled to be as convenient as possible for you and your family.

Insurance Information
There are hundreds of private and government insurance plans in the United States.  I have contracts with most of them and am a participating physician with Medicare and Medicaid. Knowing the particulars of your plan and eye coverage are your responsibility. If your plan requires a referral, you will be asked to present it at the check in desk prior to being seen.  Many insurance plans do not cover routine eye examinations for glasses or contact lenses, or even with a medical condition, oftentimes the “refraction” part of the examination ( measurement for glasses) is not covered.  You will be expected to pay for the services not covered at the time of the visit. I will be happy to see you with or without insurance and will provide you with an explanation of the charges and itemized statement for your records. If there is any difficulty with payment or charges at any time, I will attempt to work with you so that our professional relationship may continue. Renee Garza owner of Advanced Billing and Consulting is our certified medical billing company and can be reached at  877-518-3937 or email at Of course, you may call the office during office house with any questions.

We realize the healthcare and third party payor landscape is changing rapidly and we will make every effort to stay abreast of the changes and comply with all the rules and regulations so that you can be properly cared for and your claims can be properly billed.